Artist Bio

Colton Dixon turns personal truths, stories, and experiences into universal anthems. As if projecting a diary on the big screen, he candidly shares his journey, life, and faith aloud in his music, opening up a conversation over a soundtrack of stadium-size pop with just the right amount of rock bombast. Amplifying his introspective songwriting through powerhouse delivery, he’s quietly asserted himself as a vital voice beloved by fans worldwide. Tallying streams in the hundreds of millions, selling out shows, and appearing on major television programs, he captivates once again on his 2023 EP, Canvas [Atlantic Records].

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What They’re Saying

I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit move each day. It was as if those at Hills Alive had a new
sense of how important it is for us to have times together with brothers and sisters in Christ.
We (the church worldwide) missed that during the covid year.

I must say that Gods hand was truly on all the set that stage with so few was truly Gods hand at work. I would like to say thank you to all that donated so much of there time. So much goes into this it is only through the love of Christ that it is even possible. LOVE YOU


Hills Alive NEVER amazing reset! So much joy and thankfulness is just felt within the park.

My husband felt the spirit moving in him and my 7 year old granddaughter was singing word for word everything she heard the whole thing was amazing